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There are currently 10 full-time employees at our production facility.

The Apollo Food Truck Manufacturing Facility The Apollo Food Truck Manufacturing Facility

Our Mission

Commitment to Quality & Safety
It is our goal at Apollo Custom Manufacturing Ltd. to continue to offer the highest quality of workmanship and service. We are always open to any ideas that may improve our product for the end user. We have licensed gas fitters, electricians and fire safety companies on contract.
Technical Safety BC
Our Customers are our business
At Apollo, we have been developing custom manufactured food trucks and mobile food carts to suit our customers needs for decades. With each unique customer request, we have to design, fabricate and fit new pieces of equipment into a seamless unit. With our customers innovative ideas, we are well-qualified to bring these challenging builds to a reality.
The Continued Evolution of Apollo
As our carts, food trucks, trailers and portable sinks receive accolades from customers around the world, it is only natural that we continue to evolve to provide you with more opportunities to purchase our products. Our Outdoor Kitchens carry the Apollo name and all of our experience goes into every unit we build.
You can view our extended product range here => Apollo Products

The Apollo Staff


Apollo Custom Manufacturing Ltd. is a progressive manufacturing company specializing in the custom manufacturing of food trucks, concession trailers and food carts. Located in Surrey, British Columbia, we have easy access to the Canadian and American borders which allows for easy shipping or customer pick up from the USA.

Apollo has been manufacturing and shipping products throughout North America and overseas for over 20 years. Over the past years, we have always been driven to be one of the elite manufacturers in the industry. With constant attention to detail and improvements on our products, as well as listening to our customerĀ“s feedback, we believe we have made our mark. Although, we still strive to improve on each unit that leaves our shop.

In addition we have several part-time and weekend staff.



Apollo has been instrumental on the design aspects of various food trucks foodservice carts, trailers, kiosks and built-ins for our company. Prior to start up every year we bring our truck into Apollo for a quick check-up and we are ready to go. Great dealing with them and we will certainly for future projects.
Mark Johnson
My husband and I flew in from San Diego in December over Christmas and after seeing where they build all these food trucks we quickly added our name to the list of customers and I can't wait for my Sprinter Smoothie and Juice Truck to arrive this Spring! They even arranged to have our Graphics applied.
Jessica Priston
We are a small baseball park and as such rely a major part on food sales from our BBQ and Grill 'em all days. Our local Health Department required full service hand washing at each BBQ station and Apollo's portable self contained sinks fit the bill nicely. After two years they are still running smoothly.
Sam Kromstain
Being half way around the world in Australia we were a little hesitant at first but after our initial emails and a few phone calls we found Apollo very accommodating to our concerns and we very quickly ordered our new Crepe Cart which arrived in Perth 2013 with no problems. We are up and running!
Noah Tompson