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  • APollo Food Trucks
    Apollo Food Trucks
    Apollo Food Trucks are custom made to your cooking specifications. As a leader in the Food truck Industry we are able to configure almost any size of truck into your dream Street Food Kitchen. Our food trucks can be built to accommodate whatever type of food you plan to sell, and we ensure all our food trucks are manufactured to meet the strictest health codes. We have years of experience in building food trucks for thousands of satisfied customers, so trust your business with the ones who know how to get it done right.
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  • Apollo Mobile Food Carts
    Mobile Food Carts
    Our Mobile Food Carts can be seen in operation around the world and are easily recognized by the use of stainless steel and our specialty canopies. Our carts come with mechanical refrigeration and hot and cold pressurized water making them well suited to most Health Board requirements right around the world. Our corporate clients have included Nestle Foods, Lemon Heaven and the world famous JapaDogs.
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  • Concession Trailers
    Concession Trailers
    Our food concession trailers and concession trucks are known throughout North America. Because we can custom make concession trailers to your exact specifications, you can rest assured knowing you can market your food truck business so it is completely unique - we can build your concession trailer to look different from any other concession trailer on the streets. Not only that, but we make our custom concession trucks and food trailers to meet health requirements in your specific area.
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  • Portable Self Contained Sinks
    Each of our Portable Sinks is made to meet local health and licensing regulations for easy mobility and cleanliness. A variety of configurations are available in 1, 2 and 3 sink models. These sinks are custom made but the size can be varied. The standard sink is 31" by 29" & 37" tall. They are suitable and used in a variety of Health, Safety and Concession Service environments.
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  • Apollo Outdoor Kitchens
    Outdoor Kitchen
    Apollo is all about bringing you quality. We want to find you the best possible design that matches your style. We have been in the business of high quality restaurant food equipment for many, many years. If you are looking for that new dream Outdoor Kitchen contact us today and we promise you that we can make that dream become a reality. Complete Outdoor Kitchens or custom made component parts. As much, or as little as you want.
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  • Apollo Food Equipment
    In addition to manufacturing our own equipment we also bring you top of the line outdoor kitchen equipment from some of the leading commercial suppliers. Whether you are looking for a complete, installed outdoor home kitchen or just a component to enhance your present set-up we are your one stop shop. If you don't here please let us know and we may be able to fabricate the one of a kind piece of equipment you are looking for.
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