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Is Food Vending / Catering a Year Round Business?

Published on October 9th, 2019

There is a myth out there that food trucks and street vending cart business is limited to spring and summer months. While it is true that the weather is better and there are more festivals, special events and a larger tourist base, there is still plenty of opportunities to cater or vend throughout the year.

Companies, institutions and local city governments continue to hire trucks to provide flexible food service throughout the year. The cost of building and or leasing space for cafeterias, restaurants or kitchens has increased dramatically over the past 5 years. Labour, materials and the value of commercial real estate involved have made it increasing difficult to set up a functioning food restaurant or cafeteria. Food trucks offer a convenient and cost effective way of providing that food service.

And while street vending may slow down over the winter months there are many catering or special events opportunities in many difference cities. A little research in specific areas will likely show a number of events and market opportunities.

Farmers markets run year round and tend to attract customers looking for local unique specialty food truck experiences. Numerous sporting and seasonal events like Harvest, Soccer, Hockey and Football Tournaments, Halloween and Winter Festivals take place in many communities across the country. Winter weddings, and corporate Xmas parties are always good opportunities for caterers. Many specialty food trucks and concession trailers have worked out weekend deals with local craft breweries to set up for food and beverage vending at their locations. This works extremely well if there are a number of breweries in one location which could cater to a few different types of catering trucks.

Work with your local food truck association or fellow vendors and create a foodie destination hub set up on the weekends.

These are just a few examples of what to look for that will allow you to vend year round. Once you start doing some research you will open up many more doors and contacts. So bundle up, winterize your truck, trailer or cart and market your service and food product throughout the year.

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