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Published on September 18th, 2019

In this article, we answer some of the most common questions that food truck owners have about building a food truck. In addition to walking you through the process step by step, we also share some helpful tips and tricks to make your build as efficient as possible!
What do I need for my build? How long will it take? What does a custom kitchen cost? We answer all of these questions and more in our Food Truck Build FAQs blog post. Read on for more.

Why does the build take so long once my deposit has been paid?

At any given time we may have up to 12 trucks and/or trailers at our location. Builds are scheduled by date of deposit, so they are already in the build queue and ahead of your build.

What happens once my deposit has been paid?

  • Once we receive a customers deposit, we secure their spot in the production line. If you do not have a truck we will help you search for one. We will also start to work on rough details of the floor plan with you.
  • Once the truck reaches our location, we will take accurate measurements and check them against the desired floor plan. If the measurements and other specifications, such as wheel well locations, door pockets, etc, allow for the first desired floor plan, we will have it drawn to scale in CAD. If the wheel wells or door pocket locations dictate, we change the plan slightly. We will work with you to come up with the next best plan.

When will my build start and complete?

We may start at any time to start the tear out of interior, if required, as well as cutting of holes for windows and vents. We may also start the welding of the structure early on in the process, but this does not mean that we will constantly be working on your build. However, we take the opportunity to begin construction as time allows. Apollo will always try and complete the build sooner than the expected completion date, although reserves the right to take the full estimated amount of time. Please note any additions and or changes may extend the completion timeline.

Once I get my build, what inspections do I need to have completed?

The only inspection required in most cases once your build leaves our shop is your local health inspection. Apollo has the electrical inspected and approved by Intertek testing. The propane system is inspected and approved by the BC Safety Authority?

Once I receive my truck or trailer what kind of support will I receive?

We understand that sometimes a new project can be a little overwhelming, and we want to make sure you have a positive experience throughout.

We do give you a complete walk through of the operations when you pick up your new build. There’s also instruction sheets posted in the unit for water, gas and appliance start up, as well as manuals for equipment procedures and maintenance.

Even though we supply this information, we are always available by phone and ready to help walk you through any situation that may arise.?
Please note that every issue may not be able to be solved with a phone call and you may be required to bring your truck or trailer to us.

What happens if I have a warranty issue?

  • Apollo does not warranty any part of the actual vehicle that the build has been put into.
  • All parts and labor manufactured by Apollo are covered under the limited warranty of Apollo Custom Manufacturing ltd. Please see our warranty information sheet.
  • All equipment and other services supplied by outside suppliers/installers is covered under their individual warranties. The customer will deal directly with them. There is information regarding contact information and serial numbers where required in each build manual supplied with each job.

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